Sattva Eco Haven West Coast South Island New Zealand, the home of Enviro Naturals NZ Ltd, was
founded in November 2020 by Sandie Matthews. (Sattva; meaning, wisdom, purity, truth,
tranquillity, harmony, and humility.)

After a forty-year journey of teaching the yoga sciences and nature cures within schools, polytechnic,
and private institutions throughout NZ and overseas Sandie set off to the Wild West coast of the
south island to set up and run the Yoga Life Skills centre and Jivana Yoga Health Retreat for the next
20 years in Grey mouth.

November 2020 began the amazing journey of starting from ground zero; a huge plot of land with
forests, gorse, gullies, and thistles to create Sattva. Our greatest helper in this project is nearly 90
and still going strong.

Greenhouse area

Sattva Eco Haven is being created to help motivate and share educational programs for all those
people who wish to be inspired with the knowledge to increase their well-being by learning skills from
improving healthy soil management, growing organically, and preparation of superfoods.

At present we have over 80 fruit tree varieties planted, an 8 metre tunnel house full of organically
grown vegetables and herbs, an outdoor bath and fire pit seating for outdoor educational programs,
garage, wood shed, garden shed, caravan home, compost toilet systems, showers, and infrared
sauna and massage treatment set up.

Forest trails are ongoing with meditation areas for those wishing for quiet time to enjoy the peaceful forest sounds. A tiny house is also now in the process.

“Health is our Wealth” and service to others is an inspiring path to lead in this precious journey of life.

West Coast nature in full glory

We tithe 10% back to others in need, this may be in food, monetary, or service.

Blessings on your journey of Peace, Health, and Love.