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Tongue Scraper (Stainless Steel / Copper)

When you see what comes off your tongue, you will wonder why you hadn’t used a tongue scraper before.

Toxins and accumulated waste from the body settle in the oral cavity of your mouth, and tongue overnight. Many health problems, such as sore throats, colds, coughs, congestion, joint problems, nausea, lymph, ear, and general infections can be simply sorted by cleaning, brushing teeth, and tongue scraping daily.

tongue scraper

Simple to use: Run your tap for a moment, to run off the water that has accumulated in the pipes overnight, then rinse your mouth thoroughly and spit. When brushing, brush all inside of the mouth (i.e. gums, teeth, cheeks, rook of mouth) and then use your Tongue Scraper. Scrape the tongue gently and thoroughly from the back of the tongue. Using dental tape (not floss which can cut your gums) helps clean between the teeth where serious build-up remains even after good brushing and scraping.

To clean Tongue Scraper, rinse after every use of the scraper, then hang to dry. Polish scraper monthly by rubbing gently with the enclosed scourer. To clean scourer wash with warm soapy water.

Simple, frequent care and attention paid to oral hygiene can be very beneficial to your system, helping to promote system cleansing (reducing the constant ingestion of toxins).

The Tongue Scraper is available in Stainless Steel and Copper.

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