Procleanse 2000


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Procleanse 2000

A mild soothing bulk emollient powder that assists bowel regularity. Be assured of that fresh inner clean feeling. You’ll know the difference. Dose: One heaped teaspoon of powder with one large glass of water, mix well and drink once or twice daily .

The finest cleansing formula for those concerned with intestinal hygiene

Procleanse is best used alongside a complete cleansing program. A bulking and detoxifying combination designed to promote proper bowel flora, regularity and general immunity. We clean the plaque from our teeth every day – why not clean our insides? A proper intestinal flora and cleanliness is essential for the restoration of optimum health. Any imbalance of intestinal Ph and flora ensures the build up of disease producing micro-organisms including yeasts and fungi.

A fully functioning bowel PH and flora prevents diseases such as wind, gas, irritable bowel syndromes, diverticuli and bowel cancer . A well balanced intestinal flora has been shown to have an interactive function on the body’s immune system and stimulate powerful defense cells such as lymhocytes, phagocytes and anti viral chemicals like interferon. Bowel flora restoration and intestinal cleansing and harmony is the single most important factor in a health restorative programme.


BARLEY GRASS; Barley grass is rich in all the essential amino acids, anti-oxidant vitamins, live enzymes, minerals and chlophyll which helps to purify the and detoxify major body systems including the lungs, liver and colon.

ALFALFA LEAF; Meaning “father of all foods” from Arabic The Arabs considered alfalfa so nutritious it was regarded as a staple food. The rich chlorophyll content of the fine powdered green leaves of this legume contain eight essential enzymes, all known vitamins and a variety of minerals in a balanced form including calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

NATURALLY OCCURRING GUT BACTERIA; Naturally occurring gut bacteria is essential to reduce the levels of toxic bacteria and other pathogens which cause ill health. The lactobacillus bacteria regulate levels of friendly bacteria which aid the correct PH of the large intestine and inhibit putrefactive bacteria and moulds, mould spores and yeasts particularly the Candida form. Proper gut flora improves digestion and reduce the the wind and gas produced in an unhealthy bowel.

PSYLLIUM HULLS: (PLANTAGO PSYLLIUM) Psyllium hulls is well known amongst herbalists as the best, safest, and most gentle laxative. It swells to around 10 times its size when mixed with sufficient water to become gelatinous. The herb’s mucilage accounts for its use in treating both diarrhoea and constipation. This bulk forming action increases stool volume and triggers natural peristalsis, the wave like contractions we recognise as “the urge”. Psyllium’s water-absorbing action decreases stool density and helps lubricate its passage. Clinical studies have demonstrated that pysllium reduces cholesterol by 5% and reduces the risk of heart attack. It helps protect intestinal damage from toxic food additives and absorbs bacteria and other toxins, soothes inflamed mucus membranes and moistens dryness. It has been used historically to treat diarrhoea, haemorrhoids, urinary problems and more recently, high blood pressure.

SLIPPERY ELM (ULMUS FULVA) Slippery elm has the ability to neutralise stomach acdity and to absorb foul gases. It aids in the digestion of milk and acts as a buffer against irritations and inflammations of the mucus membranes. It has the ability to remove cattarh ( toxic mucus) with a stronger action than other herbs. MAY ASSIST IN;

General feeling of cleanliness, immunity, energy, lowering serum cholesterol, inhibiting to developing intestinal tumours. Non specific interactions with the immune system, may assist in metabolising lactose and reducing lactose intolerance, improving the absorption of calcium, improving the synthesis of vitamins and the predigestion of proteins. The natural lactobacillus acidophulus bacteria inhibits E coli strains. including the the growth of yeast and other pathogens in the lower bowel. DOSE: One heaped teaspoon in 250 mls water one to three times daily. Mix well Total cleansing program

1. Regular 2000 – ( 2 capsules each evening )To clear the bowel of obstructions

2. Blood Purifying Tonic – ( 10 mls twice daily ) – to cleanse the liver and assist immunity

3. Procleanse – One heaped teaspoon with 200 mls water each morning and up to three times daily to promote bowel regularity and provide vitamins and minerals in saturation.


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