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Neti Pot For Nasal Washing

Nasal and sinus health and freedom from infections and pain can be cleared up quickly be using a neti pot. You clean your teeth every day so why not the nasal passages which get dust and pollens trapped in them. Your nose is lined with small hairs that help to block particles. Mucus membranes at the back of the throat have cells which are covered in tiny hair-like structures. Cilia, these living hairs help to push any pollutants down your throat into the stomach where the rubbish is eliminated. Sometimes these mucus membranes get dried up and the cilia get overwhelmed and cannot do their job properly.

Congestion, allergies, tends to be green mucus and sinus infections tend to be yellow mucus which can cause headaches, and facial pain.

Sometimes a gluten free diet is required and observing the balance of your Ayurvedic constitution, taking warmer foods in winter, less dairy especially cold milk or

Ice-cream etc will certainly aggravate the sinuses in cooler weather.

  1. Prepare your neti pot. Dissolve 3/4 teaspoon of sea salt, or Southern Ocean Salt available from in 1 cup of warm water. Do not use table salt it has toxic anti caking agents in.
  2. Pour this into your neti pot. Water should be as comfortable as body temperature.
  3. Stand over your bathroom sink, tilt your head to one side, now insert the spout into your nostril and pour. The water should pour through the one nostril and out the other, bringing with it excess mucous and any toxins. You can then hold your finger on the opposite nostril you are pouring salt mixture through and give a few blows out to help lift the hardened material that has lodged firmly up high in the nasal passages. Be gentle here.
  4. Take care not to end up with liquid in the eustachian tubes which will block the ears for a little while.
  5. Repeat on the other side. Keep your head to the side.
  6. Do not use hot or cold water.
  7. Enjoy the feeling of clean pain free sinuses and nasal passages.


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