Natural Sea Sponge Tampon


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Natural Sea Sponge Tampon

Girls here are some tips to take care of your sea sponge so it will last longer.

Before its first use soak it in water, squeeze out checking for any tiny shells that may be in the sponge. Pull them out gently, then soak your sponge in a ¼ cup apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of water for ½ hour, then rinse it thoroughly in water, squeeze out excess and dry in a clean sunny place, ready for your first use.

On your first use, before inserting, rinse your sponge in clear water, squeeze out excess water, use a clean towel to take up the excess water. Do not wring, twist, or boil it, as this may damage, or shrink your special sea sponge.

Push it gently in just behind the pubic bone. Rinse out as often as you would change a tampon, more when your flow is heavier, less when lighter. Avoid leaving your sea sponge in for longer than 8 hours as just like a tampon you may introduce infection, so cleanliness is the key for benefiting your health.

When you need to change it remove it gently, rinse it until water runs clear, and insert.

On heavier days you may use a slightly bigger sea sponge and the lighter days a smaller one. When your flow has ceased, soak your sea sponge in ¬Ω cup apple cider vinegar to 1 cup water for several hours, then dry in clean sunny place.

Keep your sea sponge in a clean bag ready for use.


Apple cider vinegar sanitizes and deodorizes your sea sponge perfectly.

When you purchase your sea sponge even if it looks big, remember when it is wet it softens when sitting in place, so try it first after following instructions carefully, you will wonder why you hadn’t used this simple, reliable, and great on the budget system sooner. Enjoy being a girl, and taking care of yourself.

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