Joint FX



Joint FX healing natural joint supplement.

Joint FX contains a superb combination of natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to benefit joints and aid in all joint repairs. Including the clinically proven ingredients such as:

> German Curcumin (Tumeric)
> Boswellia
> White Willow Bark
> Vitamin C
> Glutathione
> Chondroitin Sulphate
> Glucosamine Sulphate
> Amino Acids (Glycine, L-Leucine, L-isoleucine, DL-isoleucine, L-beta-phenylalanine)
> Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA)

Recent Customer Testimonial

I wanted to let you know that these last few months I have really been feeling my age of 84, however since being on the Joint Fx formula for just on a week now the simple difficulty of even sitting down on the toilet has improved!

I feel stronger when I move around, easier in my movements and not the pain I was having in my shoulder joints either, which I have been having an issue with for years now.

I have been using the blood tonic and mineral max for the last 6 years and do put my good health down to this too, and eating lots of fresh fruit and my good old home grown vegies.

Alan Smith


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