Comfrey Ointment 120g


Comfrey (120g) is a healing ointment for bone, flesh & cartilage including bruises, swelling, sprains and pulled ligaments.


Comfrey Ointment

Comfrey is a healing ointment for bone, flesh & cartilage including bruises, swelling, sprains and pulled ligaments.

This ointment is a convenient way to deliver one of the fastest healing herbs in Nature.

Great for bruises, strains, cuts, and scrapes.

It can be absorbed right through the skin and into the underlying tissues.

After many years of use in my clinic, I have a healthy respect and almost in awe of this remarkable herb.


Comfrey leaf – the leaf of comfrey is high in chlorophyll and trace elements have a strong affinity for the lungs.

The leaf even looks like lung tissue and may have been an early clue as to its use (doctrines of signatures) which has found some scientific validity.

The leaf has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for wound care.

Comfrey root – the root is stronger in action and contains Allantoin a cell proliferates.

When preparing the fresh root cleaning and drying then powdering it smells just like bone – hence its early name “knit bone”

Olive oil – used for thousands of years by those clever Greeks this remarkable oil is bacteriostatic (bacteria cannot grow in it) anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, contains vitamin A and D and beneficial fatty acids which improve the health of the skin in general as well as anti-aging properties.

Its consistency is ideal for combining with the herbal ingredients helping to stick to and blend into the underlying cells facilitating all the healing properties of the ointment.

Beeswax – has natural antibiotic, anti-oxidant and anti-septic properties essential in keeping the beehive clean and sterile.

When it comes to using it for us externally in this ointment it has multiple functions such as creating an ideal ointment blended with olive oil and it has non- allergenic properties that make is very useful as a protection for airborne allergies and it also helps to slow down the dispersal of the medicinal properties of the olive oil and comfrey.

It is then a natural moisturiser and wonderful as a lip balm as it keeps the skin firm and plump Topical


Comfrey ointment is a remarkable healing ointment which assists all issues of bone, flesh and cartilage, useful but not limited to the following conditions: General healing ointment for skin afflictions or injury, chapping, minor burns, abrasion, scrapes and bruises, helps regenerate proper joint function and healthy connective tissue, healthy bones, helps many skin disorders as well as helping to promote the general health of the skin and nails.


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