About Enviro Naturals and Sandie Matthews

Enviro Naturals was a magic opening for me back in October 1992.

Learn more about Sattva Eco Haven, the home of Enviro Naturals NZ Ltd

At the time I was a practicing Yoga teacher on the remote West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand running a B&B business as a side-line.

We started off with a single product that we still sell: Bug Off – a natural insect repellent. 

All our early bottles were filled by hand for 9 years. We grew from these humble beginnings and step-by-step added more great natural products.

We wholesale and retail in NZ and retail online nationally and internationally.

Since late 2020, we are now situated in a beautiful rural setting out of Greymouth, On the wild west coast of NZ.

We are building an Eco Biogenic Organic lifestyle educational system for young people, to learn these life skills that have been a life journey for me since the 70s.

This educational system is to help motivate and inspire individuals who want to learn from ground zero, soil to kitchen while increasing knowledge and wisdom. Integrating all-natural cures to aid the autonomy of themselves and their families. Improving the quality of one’s life is the key. “Health is your Wealth”😇