About Enviro Naturals and Sandie Matthews

Enviro Naturals was a magic opening for myself back in October 1992. At the time I was a practicing Yoga teacher on the remote West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand running a B&B business as a side-line.

Sandie with her young grandchild

We started off with a single product which we still sell : Bug Off – a natural insect repellent. We were blessed at the time to have the help of a creative long-term WWOOFer volunteer who had design and computer skills so we could create the packaging and labels and he also whisked up our company name – Enviro Naturals.

All our early bottles were filled by hand and one time we were lucky enough to have eight WWOOFers helped out by our B&B guests filling bottles all day long ready for a big order. We grew from these humble beginnings and step-by-step added more great natural products.

We now wholesale in NZ and retail online nationally and internationally.

Sandie MatthewsI still run Enviro Naturals from the West Coast in a small town called Greymouth, and despite my supposed retirement age and being a grandmother, I am still loving the challenges of business and I continue to love supporting people with natural health therapies.

Environmental Products from clean green NZ